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janv. 2022

Belgian Cup 2022

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Belgian Cup 2022

Le dimanche 30 janv. 2022

Dear Club Members, Shihan, Sensei, Sempai, 

Niji Yama dojo has the honour to invite you to its "Belgian Shinkyokushin Cup 2022". Battle of 4 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium.

This will take place on Sunday January 30, 2022, in the Niji Yama Dojo, Fortsteenweg 120, Merksem. 

Since many Tournaments are cancelled due to Covid, we want to give our fighters the opportunity to keep their match rhythm and to prepare for the big tournamnets coming up. The Niji Yama Cup is a competition for Juniors 16/17 year olds and adult A and B fighters. B fighters are fighters who did not fight more than 6 tournaments.  

Max. allowed people in the venue. The rules state that only 200 people in total are allowed inside. Therefore we want to work with a maximum of 120 participants. Also spectators are not allowed except for fighters min 18 year olds, 2 supervisors are allowed.  

So we ask everyone to take this in mind. Also only 2 coaches per team allowed.  

Mouth masks are obligatory but not during the fights.   


Fighting will be according to the rules of (Shin)Kyokushin-kumite.  

Juniors, ladies and gentlemen can all participate. Because of the closed helmets all kicks are allowed for juniors but the kicks to the head must be controlled and may never result in a KO.  


The categories are as follows: 


Juniors (16-17 years): boys - girls 

Seniors (from 18 years onwards to ......): men - women  



Depending on the registrations we will work according to the pyramid system or if necessary in pools.  


Juniors: Shin protection, groin protection for the boys, hand protection and head protection (closed helmets) the organizer will provide enough helmets. Girl's chest protection (cups), 


Gentlemen: Shin protection for B fighters - A fighters without shin protection, groin protection.  

Ladies: Shin protection chest protection (cups). 



Juniors 1,5 - 1,5 minutes 

Seniors 2 - 2 - 2 minutes  


- 08.30 Doors open            

- 09.00 - 10.00: Weighing and draw  

- 10.15: Briefing referees and coaches 

- 11.00: Start of roundes  

- 13.30: Pause   

- 14.00: Continued competition 

- 17.30: Prize ceremony 

Entrance fee: - Participants: € 10 

- Referees: free 

- 2 coaches per club: free  

- There are no spectators allowed because of the covid regulations, attendants of juniors    pay 5€ entrance  Food and drink: 

We provide food and drinks in the venue. 



We would appreciate it if your club would have referees who are familiar with the Kyokushin competition rules. Please provide their names and grades in advance and email them to the organiser. info@nijiyama.be  



Attached you will find the registration form, please mail your registrations to info@nijiyama.be no later than 28 January 2022.  


We wish you a very pleasant and spirit-filled preparation, and hope for a large participation. 

Every challenge in karate is a victory over yourself, 

you only have to dare to take them! 



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